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So here I am watching TV and not really paying much attention to it. My mind is kind of wandering a little bit. In the background I hear mum ask dad what the time is, and of course, my mind kind of wonders over toward the clock for a while.It’s a little under two hours before midnight I think, nothing strange about that at all is there…

Midnight does not exist. midnight should surely be 24:00 as it is part of night time and anything after which is technically morning… But clocks always go on so say, 23:59:59 and then……. 00:00:00. So yeah midnight doesn’t exist…

What would you do to get back that one second of every day of your life.



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The death of a metaphorical friend.

Ok so I’m gona go and add a little health warning for a few of you. If ANY of you watch Stargate SG1 and haven’t watch season 7 then don’t read this. However, I assume most of you are not as sad as I am so read on!

So I’m halfway through watching an episode of SG1, which to be fair is one of my favourite TV programmes ever. Anyway this episode is one of the few where a lead character is actually killed and every time I watch it I am shocked to find who much I care about this person. I mean she is a character who in real life is alive and kicking. I have never understand how people can be so involved with people who we all know are not real. I remember the very first time I saw the episode I cried. This time it’s different, I’m waiting for that moment for almost the entire 40 minute episode and I’m still hoping that she doesn’t die.
I am perplexed.
R.I.P Janet Fraiser SGC

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A vegetarian babel fish…????

Right so currently I’m a general state of distress. I just finished watching the movie Babel and I’m not gona lie I’m a little bit like. WHAT THE ****? I understand that it is a film abut actions and consequences but seriously. That film has I think scarred me. It is beautifully written and acted, lovely screenplay and stuff but… Perhaps I wasn’t really expecting quite what I got from the film. I also decided AGAIN that guns are bad.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the movie?


On a lighten note after the movie I put dinner on and had the BEST thought of the day. As a pescetarian (most of the time) I get to eat MORE PIE! Cause my pies are veggitarian IE I’m still just eating veggie. I WIN!!!! I LOVE PIE!!!!!!!!

Next on my movie menu Bravo Two Zero and then perhaps Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy


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And so it begins, page 1, chapter 1.

I am, to many of my kind, a legend; a woman who has outlived dynasties and nations alike. I am reputed to have birthed the race of wolves that the vampires use as slave; and to have lived so long that I no longer remember my true name; and to be so beautiful that I could tame a starved jackal. My legend says that I have played a part in every major event on Earth since the dawn of written history. I often hear stories of fantastical thing which I have done and wise words which I have said. Internally I chuckle at this; externally of course, I express my wonder and excitement at these words and deeds of excellence.

Many of the deeds which have been attributed to my name are exaggerations and fabrications, but within these stories and fables there lies at least a little truth. I have done much that could be construed as great or daring, and said much that – through wisdom or chance – that could be thought wise. Yet all these things stem from a single facet of my being, the one complete truth which my legend attests to. I have outlived both dynasties and nations; I am a full five-thousand years. As to the rest of the stories and fables surrounding my life I will relay that facts of them as I progress with my story.

I shall begin where most stories do not, at the time of my birth. I believe this time to be a period of utmost importance to the development of ones personhood. For, in one’s infantile state one can develop evolve within a character which is steadfast and kindly, or weak and cruel. A mother who succumbs to the demands of her child will allow him to become spoilt, a mother who ignores her child will create in him a steak of malice and a mother who is even handed with give her child honour and reason.

So, it happened that I was born to a family of the latter kind; if I were to fault them it would only be to say that their honour ruled them. I do not remember the names of my mother and father as I was only beginning my lessons in language when I lost them. I will forever remember them as I had known them in my brief years with them, Manoula and Patēr; mother and father. I had four years with my loving parents and learned a great deal. Much of what I learned then has been subsumed into other forms and ideas since my childhood but there is one thing I still label as having learnt as a child. I learned that humanity should be handled with care and reverence; I learned that above all I should fear them for they above all other races Earth fear what they do not know.

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So I had a really interesting conversation with my dad on the way home from town today. I don’t really remember where it started but we got onto the topic of logic and truth. So as I often do I spouted a load of philosophy and we ground our way through the random thoughts that came from that and then we wondered; what if logical inference and deduction was not the only system of understanding or looking at the world.
Let me explain, logic is a system of rules which define what it is that we can, or cannot know given particular assumptions of facts. They are a consistent set of rules which all gell into a cohesive system of understanding and rationality. BUT, and it is a big but, logic defines itself as correct, IE within the system of logic which we are discussing logic will always be correct.
Then we asked the big question. What would the world look like if there was another system of understand and inference that we could use. What if there were not just two logical states, IE yes or no. What if their was a third category or even a whole scale of them. Suffice as to say by the time I got home my mind was in a mess, it was like the whole three years of my philosophy degree had flashed before me and I had not had enough time to do any of the extra reading :S
Anyway I think that will do for a fantastical thought for the day.

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I finally finished

So over the last few weeks I have been editing a short story I’ve been writing. I have been over, under, around, through and back through the thing about five times. So today, with my laptop that overheats in winter let alone summer I sat in a sweltering room and put in my final edits. So now I have sent it to a mate for a final read through, which I assume will come back with hundreds of edits, but oh well.

So now I’ve finished I kind of hoped that I would be elated and ready to get going on the next story that I have lined up and to my joy I was. I’ve jumped straight back on the horse and started my new story, about a minor character who I mentioned in the last story. I love who that happens, you write a character and think they are really interesting so you end up writing a whole book about them.


This who thing had got me thinking about inspiration and the metaphorical ‘muse’. I find it interesting where different people get their thoughts and ideas from. I find that I get mine from within my own writing or the people I know well. I rarely find a situation or a landscape can give me an idea for a scene or story but people are a constant source of inspiration for me. Indeed, I think it far to say that in all the things I have written every single character is based on a particular person or an amalgamation of two of three people I know.


A funny thing about writing about people that you know though is that I sometimes find myself projecting my feelings about my characters onto my friends and visa versa. This might get me into trouble one day but I hope it won’t. I remember chatting to a friend a month or two ago while I was still in Exeter and asked her how her brother Sammy was… It was a great conversation for the simple fact that she doesn’t have a brother but she played along for at least ten minutes before I twigged.


Anyway here is a short extract from the story I just finished editing; it is the part which refers to the character who will take centre stage in my next story.

“There are many tales from within the elven communities that there once lived a woman who fathered the wolves whom the vampires use as slave; tales of a woman who is even older than I am and for whom life is no longer a linear entity; a woman who is so beautiful that she could tame a starved jackal. This woman was so old and travelled that she no longer remembered her true name; some even say she had no name for she was never actually born. Legend has it that this woman has played a part in every major event on Earth since the dawn of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation some seven-thousand years ago. My father told me once that he had met a woman who may have been party to at least one of these legends and that one day I would meet this same woman. He told me that she was the wisest of elves and that she had taught him a great many things. He told me when she came I would have no doubt about who she was. He told me her name also, Ledacia.


She arrived at my sister’s wedding as a guest of Susanna’s having been a consultant for dance at the school. She too had set up various schools of dance on many of the new colonies; she specialised in the form called Ballet. I had heard both of the girls speak of her many times but always by the name Irisi and it was by this name that Susanna introduced her to us.”

So as you might imagine the next story is going to be at least mildly EPIC!!!! And lets hoe I don’t project this character onto anyone else they might have rather a lot to live up to.


Before I go to sleep here is one fantastical thought for you which came to me while I was writing this. What would the world be like if the worlds most treasured people were ‘muses’.

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So I just watched an awesome documentary on Hamlet presented by David Tennant. And well I just thought that life would be FAR more fantastic if David Tennant ruled the world. I mean the world’s ‘smart’ would become slightly dishevelled. Common sense would actually play a part in running the world. And running would become fun.
What else would be fantastic? If David Tennant were actually a Time Lord. 🙂

Anyway, the programme got me thinking about a module I did during my undergrad. We basically spent a term reading Tragedy and wondering why in the world humanity is so fascinated by them. We have Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Or Mice and Men and The Great Gatsby all of them tragedies. I’m not gona lie, I love these lock stock and barrel but I have to wonder what is it about tragedy that draw us in? Hmm, something to think about anyway.


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