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A future With A Furute

So on occasion I get the urge to write poetry, don’t know why. But as a man that says he loves writing I figure I should write down ma poems and put them out there. This urge rarely comes in the middle of the day, instead it usually happens just before I got to bed, or more notably this time just after I have turned off my laptop and pulled the covers over on my bed. So anyway, this happened, what do people think?

I long for a future, yet not any future will do,
I’m not talking about a few more years alive,
Nor a grand life of riches and happiness.
I long for a future where do not becomes please do,
And where conversion becomes acceptance,
And where my tears run no more.
I long for a future that has its own future!

I long for a future where people are people,
Not genders, classes or idols.
I long for a future where the grass is greener,
But not just on the other side.
I long for a future where my skin does not exist,
But where it is just our skin.
I long for a future where calling out injustice happens,
But doesn’t require a standing ovation.
I long for a future where my touch is not suspected,
And where my smile is not made a leer.
I long for a future that has its own future!

I dream of my future,
Of your future,
Of your child’s future,
And your mothers,
And you fathers future,

In the small hours of the night I cry for this future,
I watch the videos and hear the talks,
I applaud them and shake my fist.
In the long hours of the daytime I discuss our future,
I walk the talk and spread the word,
I smile at the minds I have incited.

Yet in the twilight hours, between night and day,
Where no man is with me,
And no crime can affront me.
I still dream of that future.
I still dream of a future that has its own future.
I still long for a future that has its own future.


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So Scotland…

So, here’s my problem with the whole Scotland situation.

Eventually, Westminster (to use Alex Salmond’s term) will mess things up again; be it in one generations time or five. It’s just the way of the world, politics changes, countries have ups and downs, recessions and depressions happen and the world keeps on turning. But what will happen eventually is that a number of Scottish politicians will blame Westminster and this whole referendum thingy happens again. I suggest that this will happen ad infinitum until eventually Scotland votes for independence. Then she will have her independence and this will be purely down to the general lack of knowledge people have about both politics and economics; and some cleaver rhetoric and timing from the Scottish politicians. The knowledge they lack is simply that their country will never be continually awesome, as I said before things go up and down, politicians change; but for some reason people don’t seem to see that and they want a solution right now (also a problem in a whole load of other places too, not just isolated to the Scotland thingy.)

Now what happens next is the kicker. Scotland goes on merrily for many years and makes things work… But then they have an economic down turn and they have no-one to blame. They can’t become independent from themselves. But wait, eventually things turn around and they are back to how it was before. So this is a long way round about saying that basically I think the whole thing is kinda pointless. Scotland will have the same issues with us or without us; it will have economic up turns and down turns; it will like Westminster for a while and then dislike her, she will even grow to hate her own politicians for a time and then love them a decade or so later.

The only difference will be how many times the people of Scotland have to vote and listen to the rhetoric and campaigning every time that the issues arises. I just feel like the whole referendum thing will never stop until Scotland ends up independent. Now I’m not saying that’s a bad thing (what I am saying is probably more rambling than anything else), I just feel like all that has happened is that the inevitable has been postponed.

BUT, and this is a big but. This argument only stands up if the independence thing is about being ‘better off’ be it financially or any other way. If independence was about a principle about a people wanting to govern themselves locally then none of the above really matters.

Having said that, I’m glad Scotland has stayed and lets hope that against all my considerations the enhancements to Scotland’s devolved governance solves the problem once and for all.

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