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Officially Unbroken

So for the last week or two my hand has been mostly inoperable. Have had it in a tubgrip for over a week and it is finally getting better. But I never realised how debilitating live is without ones strong hand. Holding a book really quite hard one handed (I only read paper back books). Typing has been a definite no-no. Eating, quite difficult with a left hand which is so uncoordinated. Playing any musical instrument is out of the question and so is playing badminton. Helping Dad is the garden is a complete no-no as well. Digging one handed……. Sawing without being able to steady the wood…
But the biggest problem in all this all the thing I have mentioned basically encompass my entire life. So no hand, means I sit on ma arse and do very little. So this has got me thinking, what do you do if your life is utterly controlled by a single aspect of your person, (my hand). Makes me wonder if other people are so dependant upon their hands or another particular part of the body.
Is humanities only real achievement the hand…? I mean could we utilise tools without hands? Without tools the human race would not be able to build machines or perhaps even the wheel.
So in short the last week or so has been a time for thinking. Fun!


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